7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness 

What is Wellness?

  1. Wellness is a philosophy, a way of living healthy.

  2. Personal wellness is defined as a dynamic process of becoming aware of and making conscious choices toward a more balanced healthy lifestyle. It includes learning new coping and communication skills that address both the positive and negative aspects of human existence.

  3. Wellness as wholeness is a way of cultivating health and well-being of individuals, communities, organizations, societies, and the environment by living and acting with awareness of the wholeness and the interconnectedness of all living systems.

  4. Wellness requires personal transformation vs. transactions between individuals.

What is wellness or health coaching?

  1. Health coaching is a client-centered relationship process that supports and assists a passive recipient of health care to become a responsible, self-directed and proactive individual. People don’t just change their behaviors because someone tells them to! A relationship with a health coach may assist with personal transformation, however ability of coaches vary significantly. See http://ncchwc.org for updates on standards and credentialing of professional wellness coaches.

  2. What does Becoming your own health coach mean?

    The processes that one must use to tap into inner strengths and that come into play by experiencing life are the core igniters in creating a proactive individual. What does change behavior: facing death and survival, hitting rock bottom, a spiritual shift or the realization that there is something other than "me".

    Transformation comes when one:
    • Pays attention
    • Responds and is aware of responses
    • Accepts accountability for their choices
    • Seeks inner strength and external resources
    • Shares responsibility for community and complies to "human values"

Become your own wellness coach challenges "seekers" to explore through self-examination and individualized learning. Becoming your own wellness coach is a concept developed for those who want to review the basics in personal wellness and take the next step toward transformation. Wellness professionals, trainers and health coaches will find that 7dimensionsofwellness offers complementary options to assist clients in taking the next steps for well being – that of transformation and insights into connection, consciousness and universal human values, a place in which one finds consistency in "head, heart and hands".


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